It is time to realign, reimagine and reset our planet.


Inculcating the culture of Sustainability through community-driven environmental-based events, social-awareness drives & elevation workshops.

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Our Vision & Mission

Reset Planet Foundation has been created with a vision of initiating a culture of Sustainability, creating a just & equitable society and supporting an advance towards a carbon neutral lifestyle. We work primarily on Environment & Sustainable Development driven by generating awareness & effective impact, through an action-oriented approach by curating & encouraging environment friendly initiatives.

What is the real need of the hour and what we are doing about it?

We aim to work towards the restoration of nature & our common environment, through environmentally friendly initiatives. We also aspire to become a platform for curation & cultivation knowledge collation on Sustainability.

Plantation Drives

We organise Plantation Drives
in & across Delhi NCR.

Anti-Plastic Initiative

We work to build towards a clean,
breathable & healthy plastic-free world.

Renewable Energy

We aspire to transfer Human Dependency
toward Renewable Energy Sources.

Water Bodies Restoration & Recharge

We organise Water Bodies Restoration
Projects in peripheral urban areas.

Conservation-based Awareness Drives

We organize Awareness Campaigns for issues
like Pollution, Waste Management, etc.

Sustainability Education

We organise & curate webinars & workshops
on matters of Sustainability.

Webinars & Workshops

Participate in learning about Why’s, What’s & How’s of ushering in a Sustainability driven change for our environment.

On-ground Events & Drives

Participate in our Plantation Drives & Various other environmental benefit events and activations

Join us for our forthcoming Drives & Workshop.

You can volunteer, advocate & donate to help us organise environmentally charged initiatives like Plantation Drives, Pond Restoration etc. or you can participate in our Webinars, Green Talks and Conservation Conversations, or you can do BOTH.

Find a way to get render and register your support.

Join us in Raising Awareness, Restoring Balance & Conserving Inter-species Harmony.


Volunteer With Us

You can help us organise & conduct medium & large-scale Plantation Drives, Water Bodies Recharging Projects, Sustainability Awareness Drives & other upcoming events.


Donate To Us

Contribute towards making a Greener Planet & help your city breathe clean air. Help in the expansion of our Drives and projects through monetary support.


Advocate our Values

Spread our Story, tell of our Values, help us become a big Community for Change. If you are an expert in the field of Sustainability & Conservation, connect with us.


Hear what our friends & patrons have to say about our work, motivation & impact. Let it inspire you to join forces with us for a 360°Sustainable Development of the Planet & Its People.

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